Respite Care

Deeside offers respite care for those who need a place to recover, whether you’re caring for a friend or relative, or just need a break yourself. 

Individuals who need somewhere to recuperate after being ill or spending time in hospital will benefit from respite care. Many will also schedule a trial stay to determine whether the facility is a good fit for them as their new home.

Whether you need require respite care on a daily, weekly or even permanent basis, residential facilities provide care 24/7 during your stay. 

What is Respite Care?

Respite care is designed to allow main caregivers the opportunity to have some time to themselves, by temporarily relocating the people they care for into a care home or similar establishment for a short while. When loved ones take on the responsibility of a caregiver, this type of care can be very useful in giving them the chance to concentrate on their own wellness. 

Depending on their friend or relatives abilities, caregivers may require respite care to enable them to relax, recover and tend to any other family duties. Providing care for someone else is a challenging job, and if your energy levels are running low, you won’t be able to carry on providing your loved one with proper care. That’s why respite care is essential in delivering the best possible care to our residents, and their family and friends.

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Respite Care at Deeside Care Home

No matter how rewarding it may be to care for a loved one, it can also be extremely difficult to maintain your own personal routine. We also understand how hard it can be to accept personal care from others. The choice for a loved one might feel as though they are losing their independence, which can be overwhelming and upsetting. At Deeside, we are committed to making sure each and every one of our residents has a wonderful respite care experience in Aberdeen.

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Respite Care FAQs

Respite care at Deeside Care Home is offered to any individual who requires professional care and support on a short-term basis. Respite care provides an opportunity for recovery from an operation or illness and also provides a caregiver with a break from their caregiving responsibilities. If someone requires full-time care, respite care can also be used to trial a home for up to 4 weeks to see if it’s the right solution for their needs.

Our care services are available to all respite residents, no matter their length of stay. During a resident’s stay, they will have their own private bedroom, meals provided, activities and entertainment, access to our in-house facilities, and support with activities of daily living. Depending on the care needs of the individual, nursing care can be provided also.

The length of stay for respite care will vary from person to person and the availability of respite care beds. At Deeside, the minimum length of stay is 3 weeks to allow residents to feel settled and get the most out of our care service. For more information please get in contact with our team.

What You’ll Find at Deeside

To ensure residents have the best stay possible, our care home has been carefully designed to provide many all-inclusive facilities and services to support residents in living a full life.

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Exceptional Care Tailored To You

At our care home in Aberdeen, we are proud to offer a diverse range of care services for different care needs. Each of our residents deserves to receive the highest standard of care, while also having the chance to pursue their hobbies and passions as well as make new friendships.

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