Respite Care

Deeside happily welcomes those who need a place to recover, whether you’re caring for a friend or relative, or just need a break yourself. 

Individuals who need somewhere to recuperate after being ill or spending time in hospital will benefit from respite care. Many will also schedule a trial stay to determine whether the facility is a good fit for them as their new home.

Whether you require respite care on a daily, weekly or even permanent basis, residential facilities provide care 24/7 during your stay. 

What Does Respite Care Mean?

Respite care is designed to allow main caregivers the opportunity to have some time to themselves, by temporarily relocating the people they care for into a care home or similar establishment for a short while. When loved ones take on the responsibility of a caregiver, this type of care can be very useful in giving them the chance to concentrate on their own wellness. 

Depending on their friend or relatives abilities, caregivers may require respite care to enable them to relax, recover and tend to any other family duties. Providing care for someone else is a challenging job, and if your energy levels are running low, you won’t be able to carry on providing your loved one with proper care. That’s why respite care is essential in delivering the best possible care to our residents, and their family and friends.

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Deesides’ Approach to Respite Care

No matter how rewarding it may be to care for a loved one, it can also be extremely difficult to maintain your own personal routine. We also understand how hard it can be to accept personal care from others. The choice for a loved one might feel as though they are losing their independence, which can be overwhelming and upsetting. At Deeside, we are committed to making sure each and every one of our residents has a wonderful experience with us, and receives the right assistance to help get them on the mend.

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What Can I Expect from Respite Care at Deeside?

We understand that everyone is different, so we pay careful attention to developing a care plan that is completely customised to suit your individual and specific needs. It is important to us that we are continuously devising new strategies to give the highest quality, and most appropriate care to our residents and their families, and we would be delighted to have a conversation with you about any specific need you may have.

It is quite normal and reasonable for our future residents to feel hesitant about making the step into care. To help put them at ease, many people will schedule a short-term trial stay with us at Deeside, to just get a sense of the life they may lead if they do decide to make the move. Deeside is an excellent residential care facility where each and everyone who stays here can feel protected yet comfortable, in an environment that meets their own personal needs.

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Is Respite Care the Best Option?

Looking for care homes for yourself or a loved one can be a challenging task to undertake, and we understand that not knowing who to turn to for support may be difficult. Deeside can provide help and guidance to current and future residents and their family and friends when it comes to selecting the right path to take.

Our Care

Right from the outset, our team at Deeside have put their all into caring for our residents. The many levels of medical care and assistance we can provide to our residents, as well as the dedication to knowing each and every resident’s individual personal traits is something we take great pride in.

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Included in our Respite Care

Each and every resident will have access to activities and supplementary services covered by the cost of their stay, including the following medical care:

Access to a GP

GP appointments for residents will be able to be arranged and attended either on their own, or with the help of one of our team members.


Physiotherapy sessions, which may be booked through GP or privately, can help our residents in regaining a normal sense of their well-being.


No matter how often it’s required, our residents will have access to our own private Chiropodist who visits every 6 weeks, or arrangements can be made with their own NHS Chiropodist if needed more often.

Dental Service

A dentist will be available to all residents who require a check up or who have dental concerns they would like looked at, at no additional cost. Dental treatments can be arranged at an additional cost. 

Optical Service

For any residents who have optical-related concerns, an optician will be accessible to them at no extra expense. Additional charges will apply for further treatments and glasses. 

What to Expect at Deeside

Building positive relationships with our residents and their families is a top priority for us. As a result of our diverse selection of facilities and activity sessions, we are able to create a home where individuals feel content and motivated to face each and every day.

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