Cinema Room

Cinema Room

Enjoying leisure time just got easier, as Deeside Care Home boasts a contemporary 8-seat cinema room. The cinema here is a vital way to bring people closer together and is an important part of maintaining a routine when transferring to a new home. 

Our cinema is fantastic for watching an all time favourite film with loved ones, or tuning into a classic movie with your fellow Deeside Care Home friends. With refreshments, popcorn and other snacks on offer too, our residents are encouraged to use our Cinema facility to sit back, unwind and enjoy the show.

Our State-Of-The-Art Cinema

Despite being a relatively recent addition to our home at Deeside, our cinema room is quickly becoming a resident favourite for both relaxation and entertainment. The comfort of the seats matched with the big screen provides the perfect place for our residents to connect with each other, enjoy a variety of drinks and snacks, and share in the cinema experience. 

Our selection of films is continuously expanding, and with a different movie playing most days, our cinema has certainly become a significant attraction at Deeside. It also provides a convenient and cosy location to experience big screen fun alongside family and friends. 

Cinema Room
Popcorn in Cinema Room

Facilities At Deeside

We try to inspire all of our residents to explore and engage in a variety of hobbies. At Deeside, we make every effort to ensure all of our activities and facilities are as extensive and accessible as they possibly can, no matter whether it’s an activity that they’ve done for years, or just something completely new that they’d like to attempt.

Framed Movies in Cinema Room
Projector for the Cinema

A Selection Of Classics

Ranging from old black and white classics to more recent releases, our wide array of films will have our residents spoilt for choice. It’s safe to say that no matter what our residents’ preferred genres are, we’re sure to have something that will pique their interest.

Cinema Room

Cinema Room Amenities

Every day at Deeside is unique, thanks to the wide range of facilities on offer to our residents. You can be most certain that your relatives and friends receive high quality around-the-clock care. You can get a lot out of using our cinema room, such as:

Big Screen Viewing

Enjoying a film on the big screen is all part of the fun when going to the cinema. At Deeside, you can grab a seat, relax and get lost in one of your favourite movies shown on our extraordinary and large projector screen.

A Diverse Range of Titles to Choose From

We have a large selection of film titles at Deeside for you to pick from. There really is something for everyone, whether you’re a fan of the classics or enjoy films with a more modern theme.

Snacks and Refreshments

Deeside provides a variety of goodies for our film-goers to indulge in, from drinks and popcorn, to all sorts of sweets and chocolates.

Cinema Room

What to expect at Deeside

It is a priority for us at Deeside to make sure all of our residents know that the things that are important to them are important to us too. As a consequence of our different activities, we’re able to create a home-from-home experience, where everyone feels important, respected and ultimately well-cared for.

Our Care

From the outset, our members of staff have been dedicated to assisting our residents, no matter what life throws at them. It is our absolute pleasure to offer a home where our residents can receive the high standards of individualised care that they deserve, whilst being encouraged to pursue their interests.

resident with staff

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If you have any queries or issues then please don’t hesitate to fill out our Enquiry Form and one of our friendly staff members will call you back. Alternatively you can contact us on either 01224 869816 or We look forward to you contacting us.

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