Full Activities Programme

One of the many things we’re passionate about here at Deeside Care Home is making sure that our residents are getting the very most out of every single day. We encourage our residents to do what makes them happy, whether that’s exploring the gardens and grounds here at Deeside, socialising with their friends and family, or stretching their legs and adventuring into Aberdeen’s city centre.

Our Activity Coordinators have a fantastic time organising plenty of exciting activities for our residents to take part in. Although we do have a minibus to take our residents from excursion to excursion, Deeside is in such a great location that if loved ones wanted to join in the fun, there are plenty of nearby public transport options available. 

Never a dull moment at Deeside

If you want to focus on staying active, or you’d rather spend your days really harnessing your creativity, there really is never a dull moment while staying with us here at Deeside Care Home. We’re very strong believers in the idea that no two days should be exactly the same, and for our residents, we want nothing more than to make that idea even more of a reality. 

We also really value our resident’s independence, which is why not all of our activities are supervisor-led. Of course, for activities such as day-trips and special excursions, having a member of our team might be a wise idea. However, at Deeside we encourage our residents to take charge and do what makes them happy. Therefore, many activities on our programme are resident driven, and more often than not, co-organised by both our residents and our activity coordinators.

Deeside’s Facilities

We really do go above and beyond at Deeside to ensure that all of our facilities and activity programmes are as diverse and inclusive as possible, regardless of whether residents are new to the activities or have been participating for some time. Residents are invited to join in and take advantage of all of our facilities’ social, emotional, and physical benefits. We promise they won’t regret it.

Live life your way

Just because our residents have relocated to come and join us at Deeside, doesn’t mean that the way in which they live their life needs to drastically change. We want our residents to continue to live life their way, and our activities have been designed to not interfere with that in the slightest.

Our activities aren’t compulsory, meaning that if our residents would simply rather not participate for a day or two, that’s completely okay. Our activities and programmes are meant to be enjoyed, and if a resident decides to give something a go that turns out to just not be their cup of tea, there are absolutely no strings attached.


Full Activities Programme FAQ’s

If you’ve got any questions surrounding our activities programmes and how exactly we do things at Deeside, then you’ve definitely come to the right place! We understand that when you’re looking for somewhere to live, either for yourself or for your loved one, you want to know absolutely everything you can before making that leap. If you’d like more information we’d be more than happy to answer any questions you might have regarding our services, our facilities, or anything else you can think of.

All of our activities are arranged daily, so that our residents never have to experience the same day twice. We try to make changes to our schedule as often as possible to ensure that all of our residents can expect something new and exciting everyday.

Prepare to be blown away by our wide array of activities and options! From planned day trips filled with plenty of retail therapy and delicious meals out, all the way to activities you don’t even need to leave the house for. 

We have lots of books, magazines and craft resources ready and waiting for when the artistic desire strikes. If you’re up for a mentally stimulating afternoon, we offer quizzes and jigsaws. However, if you’re more socially inclined, we have been known to host tantalising wine and cheese evenings as well as excellent coffee mornings and afternoon teas.

This one’s simple: we plan so many activities for our residents because we don’t think that a change of location equals a change of heart. By the time our residents fully move into our home, they’ve already undergone an unimaginably stressful time. 

If we can offer each and every one of our residents at least a moment of normality in their hectic lives, then it’s a definite step in the right direction. We plan so many events and activities because the last thing we want is for any of our residents to feel excluded or unseen.

Our schedule is updated weekly with different activities planned out for every single day. We ensure that each week, however, is absolutely packed with a mixture of different types of activities. So, for example, on one day we might have three activities going on, and one would be a social activity, one might be a mental activity and one might be a creative activity. Once again, no two days are ever the same at Deeside, and it’s beneficial for our residents to complete a wide range of activities every day.

What to expect at Deeside

Each one of our residents is so very important to us here at Deeside. Finding out what makes them tick, and understanding every little part of their story is essential to ensuring our teams can give them the very best personalised care they deserve. We want every one of our residents to feel like they really matter to us, and to feel like Deeside can provide them with a true sense of belonging, happiness and wellbeing.

Our Care

Deeside is fortunate to have a staff of incredibly dedicated professionals who are completely committed to giving our residents the very best care they can. Our teams are dedicated to supporting our residents in everything they do; from taking part in exciting new activities, to simply getting up in the morning. Our skilled teams deliver unsurpassed levels of care, so you can rest assured that you or your loved one is truly in the most capable hands.

Schedule A Callback

Getting in touch with us at Deeside has never been simpler. If you’re wanting to speak with us, please contact us via our Enquiry Form, call 01224 869816, or send an email to info@deesidecare.com. One of our friendly staff members at Deeside will be more than happy to assist you with anything you might need.