What to expect at Deeside

At Deeside, we feel it is crucial for our residents to still be able to participate in the activities that they love and support them in doing so. From arts and crafts to music and games, we are privileged to be able to offer a wide range of activities and to be able to spend quality time with every single resident.

Our establishment has recently undergone an extensive renovation and refurbishment, with a number of new facilities such as a Library and state-of-the-art Cinema Room where our residents can unwind with a film, whether a newer release or one of their all time favourites. Our bedroom suites, dining, and living areas have also all been upgraded to give them a modern yet homely feel. Also, new and improved is our Hairdressing Salon and Spa, refurbished to create a relaxing environment in which residents can escape to be pampered.

Our Bedroom Suites

We have a broad range of rooms and suites at our establishment, all 68 of which were created with the purpose of providing our residents with 24-hour support and personalised, high-quality care. Rooms are spacious singles and with en-suites, specialist equipment and temperature controlled central heating. We realise it can be difficult to determine your future steps which is why we are more than happy to provide assistance in any way we can to all our residents and their loved ones.

In-house Chef

Our resident chefs take great pride in serving nutritious, home cooked meals, who regularly consult with our residents to ensure the menu is always bursting with favourite dishes and tasty treats. Our passionate chef and cookery team undertake continuous training to ensure healthy dishes packed full of flavour are always on offer.

Private Courtyard Gardens

There are multiple tranquil garden areas at Deeside, all offering an ideal space to reconnect with the outdoors and find a sense of serenity. Whether it’s to read a book, take a walk, or maybe try your hand at gardening, our private gardens enable you to have a breath of fresh air and engage with nature.

Concierge & Chauffeur Services 

Transport is all arranged at Deeside, including our very own Mini Bus that is used to take our residents on outings. We also appreciate our residents will have their own individual transport needs, which is why we offer a chauffeur driven car too that all residents are welcome to use as needed. Whatever plans you wish to make and any necessary travel that comes with it can be arranged with the help of our concierge service.

Arts and Crafts

Residents do not need to be masters of the paintbrush to enjoy our arts and crafts workshops. No matter what skill level, we encourage all of our residents to get creative and offer a range of resources to help them produce masterpieces and keepsakes that they can be proud of.

Cinema Room

At Deeside, you won’t have to go far to experience the magic of the cinema, as we have our very own within our home. Our 8 seat, state-of-the-art cinema room provides the perfect place for our residents to sit back, grab their popcorn and snacks, and enjoy their favourite films, an experience they can share with their fellow residents, or their family and friends.

Hair Salon & Spa

We recognise that getting your haircut and styled can have huge benefits in making you feel like a completely different person, and at Deeside we strive to make every one of our residents feel as wonderful as they are. That’s why we arrange multiple weekly visits from a professional hairdresser to ensure all residents receive a personalised experience to keep them looking and feeling their very best.

Full Activities Programme

At Deeside, we have a fantastic full time Activities Coordinator who organises frequent social events from bus outings to shopping trips, and is consistently searching for new and fun excursions for our residents to go on. We also benefit from having strong links with the local community and our residents are often welcomed to get involved with sing-alongs and coffee mornings at the local church.

Day to day living at Deeside 

At Deeside, the fun is never ending, as we offer a variety of other amenities for our residents to discover and enjoy, ensuring each day is different. With all of our amenities, we provide 24-hour care so you can rest assured knowing your loved ones are being well attended to no matter what.

Piano and Bar Area

A completely stocked bar is available to all of our residents. Whether their favourite tipple is a glass of wine or something more intricate, the choice is theirs once all care and allergen precautions have been taken into consideration.


Televisions can be found in our communal lounges as well as bedroom suites, ensuring our residents have entertainment readily available to them. Whether they want to catch up with the news, watch some sport or get stuck into a TV drama, there is always something interesting to engage in.


Newly included within our recent refurbishment is our very own library which provides the perfect escape, to sit with a cup of tea, relax, and get lost in a good book.  . With a large selection of books to choose from, including well-known classics and more recent literature, there is something for everyone.

Daily newspapers

A newspaper is delivered daily, and weekly magazines are also available. If you have a newspaper that you particularly enjoy reading or a magazine preference, then arrangements for this can most certainly be made.

Postal services

We receive incoming letters and parcels every day, and our Administrator can offer help to those who are unable to post their own mail. 

24/7 Contact

Each bedroom comes equipped with a telephone point that can be activated at the request of the resident, ensuring 24/7 contactability. There is also WiFi throughout the home which allows usability of iPads and other technology that offers a great alternative way to keep in touch with family and friends. 

Our Care

The staff at Deeside are dedicated individuals who all share the same goal of offering residents a comforting experience within a homely atmosphere. We are proud to have built a home where there are a range of different care options available to our residents and where the team go to special efforts to ensure they are familiar with each and every residents character, preferences and particular needs. 

Schedule a Callback

If there is something in particular you would like to discuss, do not hesitate to contact us by either filling out an Enquiry Form, giving us a call on 01224 869816 or emailing us at info@deesidecare.com. Our helpful team would be happy to assist you in any way they can. We look forward to hearing from you.