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Arts & Crafts

We at Deeside Care Home believe in making the very most of what life has to offer, which is why we are so passionate about providing our residents with engaging and enjoyable activities. One activity we strongly encourage our residents to participate in is the fun of arts and crafts. 

Taking part in creative pursuits is often perceived to be therapeutic, a great way to socialise and has immense advantages both emotionally and physically. That is why it is essential to us to give our residents a variety of interesting and stimulating crafting opportunities.

Deeside’s Facilities

At Deeside, we go above and beyond to ensure all facilities and activities are as varied and inclusive as can be, regardless of whether the residents are beginners or have been actively enjoying the activities for some time. All residents are encouraged to participate and embrace the social, mental and physical benefits of our facilities.

Resident Taking Part in Arts & Crafts
Flowers on Table Outside

Promoting Creativity

We like to promote creativity at Deeside in any way we can, no matter when or where. Whether it’s a crafts workshop in our communal areas, or going out to one of our private gardens for artistic inspiration, we like to make good use of what’s available to us here at Deeside. Our gardens serve excellent natural materials that we often incorporate when creating outdoor works of art, such as flower garlands and painted plant pots – great for brightening up our gardens all year round!

Resident Knitting
Birdhouse Built

What to expect at Deeside

The importance of fostering relationships with our residents and learning about what makes them tick is highly recognised by the team at Deeside. Thanks to our exciting and varied activities programme, we are able to establish a home where our residents feel happy, inspired and fulfilled.

Our Care

Deeside is proud to have a team of exceptionally dedicated individuals who are committed to helping our residents overcome their challenges and live life to the full. Our experienced staff provide unrivalled levels of care in a variety of ways so you can feel confident that the support you receive is of the highest standard.

resident with staff