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We at Deeside Care Home believe in making the very most of what life has to offer, which is why we are so passionate about providing our residents with engaging and enjoyable activities. One activity we strongly encourage our residents to participate in is the fun of arts and crafts. 

Taking part in creative pursuits is often perceived to be therapeutic, a great way to socialise and has immense advantages both emotionally and physically. That is why it is essential to us to give our residents a variety of interesting and stimulating crafting opportunities.

Get Ready to be Creative

We find that when our residents fully immerse themselves into an arts and crafts workshop, they really reap the rewards in terms of their emotional and mental health, plus there’s always plenty of laughs and conversations to be had at the same time. Our sessions are a great therapy and really allow our residents their thoughts and feelings in a creative way. 

A lot of our sessions offer guidance as well, for those who perhaps find that being creative doesn’t come easy to them. Essentially, our arts and crafts classes will usually have a specific end goal such as creating table decorations or painting an abstract piece. We also ensure our craft activities are inclusive for all ages, meaning they offer a great opportunity for your children and grandchildren to get involved in the fun.

For our residents who aren’t as creatively inclined, a lot of our classes have quite a lot of direction. This means that our classes usually begin with a clear goal in mind, whether that’s creating a mosaic or learning how to decoupage. All of our crafts are suitable for all ages, so we actively encourage our residents to invite their children and grandchildren along to share in the creative fun. 

Resident Painting

Promoting Creativity

We like to promote creativity at Deeside in any way we can, no matter when or where. Whether it’s a crafts workshop in our communal areas, or going out to one of our private gardens for artistic inspiration, we like to make good use of what’s available to us here at Deeside. Our gardens serve excellent natural materials that we often incorporate when creating outdoor works of art, such as flower garlands and painted plant pots – great for brightening up our gardens all year round!

Resident Knitting
Birdhouse Built

What You’ll Find at Deeside

To ensure residents have the best stay possible, our care home has been carefully designed to provide many all-inclusive facilities and services to support residents in living a full life.

Art Supplies

Social Activity

Seasonal Crafts

Arts and Crafts FAQs

Yes, included in your overall fee are all the art materials and resources you will need to produce your arts and crafts creations.

You’re free to create any artwork that you desire, although previously our teams have conducted sessions on painting, making greeting cards, flower arranging, and creating hanging ornaments.

Everything you create is yours to keep. If one of our staff members thinks your work is a brilliant piece of art, they may ask whether you would be happy for it to be displayed around the home for all to admire.

Exceptional Care Tailored To You

At our care home in Aberdeen, we are proud to offer a diverse range of care services for different care needs. Each of our residents deserves to receive the highest standard of care, while also having the chance to pursue their hobbies and passions as well as make new friendships.

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