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About Deeside Care Home

Located in the pleasant town of Aberdeen, Deeside Care Home is an award-winning care home. Deeside provides outstanding Nursing, Residential, Dementia and Respite Care to all of its residents, as well as an unwavering support to their families and loved ones.

We recognise that every one of our residents is special, and we strive to provide each and every one of them with a personalised living and care experience. Deeside Care Home was designed with you in mind, so you can rest assured that we will go above and beyond to guarantee that all of our residents are completely comfortable when they stay with us at Deeside.

Our Values at Deeside

We value every one of our residents at Deeside Care Home and the amazing lives they lead. That’s why, we make it our duty to ensure that no matter what, all of our residents receive the care, love, and attention they deserve. Our staff work closely with residents and their loved ones so we can give the appropriate level of assistance for their circumstances. We’re here to help anytime you need it, whether you need a friendly face to talk to or just a little additional reassurance while staying at Deeside.

Deeside was built with the needs of our residents at the forefront and we strive to create a friendly environment in which visitors and residents both feel like they are members of the family. We take great pride in delivering the finest possible care for our residents, and offering expert guidance to their families is fundamental to providing our residents with the very best care.

We’ve recognised and understood the importance of working together as a team to make our residents days better ever since we first opened our doors. From the outset, we’ve always placed a strong emphasis on building relationships between staff, residents, and their loved ones, which has helped us to have a much better understanding of our residents than we could have ever dreamed of.

What’s more is that it has enabled us to develop individualised care plans and solutions for each and every one of our residents, which has been critical to our continued success. To be able to deliver person-centred care is of the utmost importance to us, as we recognise every person who stays with us at Deeside has a unique set of requirements and we feel strongly about making sure we meet every single one of them.

We embrace diversity here at Deeside, and really value the abilities of each of our residents. We want to emphasise the strengths that each of them can bring to the table. At Deeside, we want to encourage all of our residents to retain independence, dignity, and competency. This is why we are pleased to provide individualised care for all of our residents.

We take great pride in designing homes where our residents have total access to a variety of amenities, which are guaranteed to ensure that their days are filled with joy, and that their lives remain enriched. Deeside Care Home is committed to ensuring that our residents continue to live the best lives they possibly can, as well as assisting their relatives, friends and loved ones in any and every way.

Sense of Freedom

We know that deciding to move into a care home is a difficult decision to make. However, we don’t see why our residents’ sense of freedom should vanish, whether you’re considering moving in yourself or on behalf of a loved one. We want to make sure you’re still entirely able to do the things you enjoy, in the same way that you always do them. Everyone deserves a comfortable and dignified life, which is why it’s one of Deeside’s core values.

Resident with Hand on Knee

Care Tailored to You

Every single one of our Deeside residents is an original, so why should their healthcare be any different? We are so proud of the care we give to each of our residents, as well as the individualised care plans we develop to ensure they’re getting the very best care they can. Getting to know all of our residents on a one-on-one basis is always a huge honour for us, and it allows us to give unparalleled around-the-clock care.

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Cooked Breakfast

Meet the Team

  • Home Manager

    Anna Hoffmann

    Anna is our Home Manager at Deeside. She has an abundance of experience in residential care settings and is responsible for managing the team in delivering care to our residents in the residential unit.

  • Non-Clinical Deputy Manager

    Chris Reid

    Chris was promoted to the Non-Clinical Deputy Manager post in May 2022, prior to that Chris has been a Team Leader in various care homes providing the highest standard of care. As a Non-Clinical Deputy Manager Chris is tasked to support the management team and improve standards within the home and has implemented RA framework at Deeside, which is still ongoing, and has tailored comprehensive RA’s specific to residents’ needs.

    Chris has also compiled a dementia-friendly dining experience training for staff, immersive training to improve the dining experience and quality within the home. He has used his previous experiences to diversify roles with the home.

  • Deputy Manager Clinical

    Kayleigh Chisholm

    Kayleigh joined the team in 2019 and has progressed in her career at Deeside Care Home, now in the role of Deputy Manager Clinical. Kayleigh takes great enjoyment from working closely with our residents, their relatives and the team.

  • Registered General Nurse (RGN)

    Sheeba Jose

    Having joined the team in 2012, Sheeba is a dedicated RGN and takes great pride in delivering person-centred care for our residents.

  • Registered General Nurse (RGN)

    Fran Hutcheon

    Fran is one of our RGN’s having joined the team in 2015. Fran takes great enjoyment in caring for our residents and working with her colleagues.

  • Senior Staff Nurse

    Hazel Saul

    Hazel is a Senior Staff Nurse and has worked alongside the Deeside team delivering exceptional levels of care to our residents since 2016.

  • Team Leader

    Emmanuel Iheanetu

    Emmanuel is one of our Team Leaders and has been working at Deeside for twelve years. Emmanuel has a compassionate attitude towards his role and goes above and beyond to ensure the team he leads is always providing exceptional care to our residents.

  • Head Chef

    Steve Kendall

    Steve is our Head Chef and has a long career in catering, including in the Army. Steve prides himself on providing the very best homemade, nutritious meals for our residents.

  • Administrator

    Lesley Findlay

    Lesley is the Administrator for the home and has worked at Deeside for over six years. Lesley takes great pleasure in being the first point of contact for our residents and relatives.

  • Receptionist


    Meet Eleanor, our Receptionist at Deeside. Eleanor’s past work life involved working in retail and customer services. Eleanor enjoys travelling and her favourite holiday destination is the Canaries. Eleanor loves family get-togethers and spending time with her grandchildren. “I enjoy working in customer services and especially Reception as I love meeting and greeting friends and family of our residents”.

  • Activity Coordinator

    Patricia Scott

    Patricia is one of the Activity Coordinators at Deeside. Patricia speaks Spanish as a native language but is also fluent in English and Portuguese. Patricia would consider herself a hard-working woman. She always wants to go the extra mile and put all her effort into everything she does.

    “With me becoming a part of The Deeside Care home, I would like to now consider myself part of this caring family. This new path, I am now on, will be filled with laughs, hugs, stories and reminiscing to fill our days and most importantly to fill my heart. My new role as Activity Coordinator and Dining Room Experience Hostess will give me the opportunity to utilise all the knowledge and experience I have learned in previous positions in the Hospitality industry and throughout my life. My meaning in life will definitely become apparent, through my honesty, hard work and my love of giving to those who need it”.


  • Hairdresser

    Lisa Brown

    Lisa is our in-house hairdresser who works at our Hair Salon. Lisa joined Deeside in 2021 and loves nothing more than transforming residents’ hair and putting a smile on their faces. Whether it’s a cut, colour or blowdry, Lisa can do whatever our residents request.

Our Care 

Our teams have been dedicated to assisting our residents through whatever life throws at them, ever since Deeside first opened its doors. We take so much pleasure in building homes where our residents have total access to a wide range of personalised care options, and can be certain that our teams recognise each resident’s originality and individual talents and want nothing more than to celebrate them.

resident with staff