Preparations for The Queen’s Jubilee

The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee is just around the corner, and the celebrations have only just begun. At Deeside Care Home, we love hosting as many summer events in the garden as we can, and we use this as the perfect opportunity to invite all of our team members, our residents and their loved ones to come and party in the sunshine with us.

We’ve started our preparations for the Queens Platinum Jubilee, and we’re so excited to celebrate the 70 years that our monarch has spent on the throne. Our flagpole has been painted and our Jubilee Union Jack is proudly on display. “The Queen” has been greeting visitors throughout the week, helping us get ready for the Garden Tea party and spreading the excitement all throughout Deeside Care Home.

We’ve started hanging plenty of bunting and decorations all around our home, and as we start to prepare for our garden party, we’re really getting into the swing of things. The kitchen has been involved with the potential BBQ menu (weather depending, of course) and the overall general catering of the event. Our residents have been invited to the Lord Provost’s Tea Party at Duthie Park to which we are hoping to support some of our more able residents.

The Lord Provost has also kindly offered a party fare for those unable to attend. We look forward to celebrating throughout the week of the jubilee, and we’re excited to see all of our residents and their loved ones come together to celebrate.

If you’d like to learn more about life here at Deeside Care Home, don’t hesitate to call 01224869816 or email info@deesidecare.com. We’d love to be able to talk with you, or even be able to invite you to celebrate with us!

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